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Innovative Supply Chain Management - How to Increase Revenue and Profitability
December 9 and 10, 2010 - London, UK

Our Supply Chain Management conference in London will discuss new agenda concerning the world's post-crises development. Companies must quickly and consistently respond to new product, market, and customer conditions. As competition becomes more global, innovation is moving from a firm-to-firm level to a supply chain versus supply chain perspective.

Incremental competitiveness advantage is now achieved when all the supply chain players are synchronized and collaborating together. Profitability hinges on innovation, efficiency, and responsiveness within one's own enterprise and across a fluid web of partners, suppliers, outsourcers, and customers. Companies must therefore invest to balance the bottom line today with opportunities that can be extended and protected over time.

Event info:
T: +420 226 807 050
F: +420 226 807 045
Sponsorship info:
T: +420 226 807 026
F: +420 226 807 045