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Port and Maritime Surveillance and Security Summit
September 16 and 17, 2010 - Brussels, Belgium

In today's global security environment the issue of Port Maritime Surveillance and Security has become increasingly significant. The maritime transportation system underpins the world economy and an attack on this network could have disastrous consequences for global commerce. It is vital, therefore to ensure the security of the ports, ship and cargo containers as well as maintaining and improving maritime surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to provide a broader picture of potential threats.

Our Port and Maritime Surveillance and Security Summit will feature international perspectives on Maritime Security policy, port security and ISPS compliance in addition to focusing on matters such as anti-terrorism and piracy measures, border security and maritime surveillance. This forum will provide a framework for discussion and promote greater understanding of the issues of and potential solutions to the maritime security question.

Event info:
T: +420 226 807 050
F: +420 226 807 045
Sponsorship info:
T: +420 226 807 026
F: +420 226 807 045