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Hospital Management 2017

Improving Quality and Maintaining Financial Success in the Challenging Healthcare Environment

May 24 and 25, 2017 - Prague, Czech Republic

Key topics:

  • Evaluate lessons learned from the economic crises and its impact on healthcare cost
  • Gain knowledge of latest development in hospital management
  • Identify the unique business and financial challenges for hospital managers
  • Discuss how to manage hospitals limited resources efficiently and improve patient satisfaction in a cost - effective manner through practical case studies
  • Learn how to implement productive HR strategy as crucial competitive advantage
  • Explore new marketing tools of your service and untapped business opportunity of social media
  • Develop tools that impact innovation, discovery and development through patient focused communication


Hospitals are now involved in the worst financial crisis they have ever experienced: increased costs of borrowing and decreased access to financing make it difficult and expensive for hospitals to finance facility and technology needs. Even worse, hospitals which can lay out huge sums for new facilities and sophisticated equipment face unpredictable cash flows thanks to delayed payments from Medicare and health-insurance companies – not to mention patients who are often unable to pay at all.

Therefore, hospital leaders recognize that they must get increasingly aggressive in the cost management realm and exercise rigorous discipline in supply chain purchasing and pricing. Many hospital managers agree that limiting cost of care and improving patient satisfaction will be also critical to hospitals in the years to come.

Conference Management: Hartwig Rochowanski

Conference Assistance: Filip Janek, Andrés Cantara

Who should attend:

With a focus on practical issues and experience conference will provide an exclusive and strategic medium that is strictly limited to senior executives, thus making it a must attend event

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Event info:
T: +420 775 494 010
F: +420 775 494 010