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Cross-Cultural Communication in Corporate Mediation

May 9 to 12, 2017 - Prague, Czech Republic

Key topics:

  • Self-awareness vs. external perception
  • Theories of culturally neutral communication
  • The implemntation of a new culture of dialogue
  • Mulitiligualism and how to avoid common communication deficits
  • The strategy of global accessibility
  • corporate mediation procedures
  • exterior communication in multicultural environment
  • predictable constraints of multicultural cooperation and how to avoid them


Research studies show that in simulated business negotiations negotiators from different cultural background tend to deliver lower-quality communication results and therefore showed less favorable performance than teams of test persons originating from the same culture.

Worthy of mention, a small count of cross-cultural twosomes who managed the abovementioned communication challenge, actually achieved higher outcomes than negotiators descending from the same background. The explanation for this finding can be seen in the successful utilization of distintions, achieving more resourceful consensus comparing to same-culture pairs.

These findings inevitably  lead to the assumption, that measurable advantages can be achieved in international business, once cultural barriers are torn down.

Learn how to identify common cross-cultural communication misconceptions, how to make use of the unknown potential of foreign realities and how to implement a culture of awareness of heterocutural dialog partners in organizational/corporate environment and talk to leading experts about the latest insights into the filed of cross-cultural communication.

Conference management: Hartwig Rochowanski

Conference assistance: Alice Randov√°, Filip Janek, Georg Heller

Who should attend:

With a focus on practical issues and experience conference will provide an exclusive and strategic medium that is limited to senior executives, hence making it a must attend event.

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Event info:
T: +420 775 494 010
F: +420 775 494 010