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Microfinance Forum 2017

Global Economic Outlook and Prospects for Microfinance in 2015-2016

April 23 and 24, 2017, Manchester, UK

Key topics:

  • Explore global economic outlook and discuss the future of microfinance
  • Learn from experts and investors their view on Russia crisis and its potential impact on microfinance
  • Evaluate the current mindset of Investors globally and their attitude to microfinance as an asset class
  • Examine corporate governance in microfinance companies through altogether different lens
  • Receive up to date information on overindebtedness in CIS and Europe and share experience on how to fight them
  • Explore successful factors for expanding energy lending and analyze potential risk related to energy landing
  • Learn best strategies to mitigate Foreign Exchange risk through advanced risk advanced currency forecasting
  • Discuss the issue of rising competition from the commercial banks
  • Share opinions with investors how it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve optimal social balance between long term financial and social return
  • Learn best practices about transformation into commercial entity or deposit taking entity


For almost a decade, the European economy was not in good shape. With weakening growth forecast for Germany, the euro area was on the verge of tipping into its third recession in six years. As economic releases have suggested the euro’s overall inflation rate slipped to 0.3% in 2014 which lead into outright decline next year. Furthermore, the situation was even more intricate with the ongoing crises in Ukraine and Russia. The pressure of the western sanctions against Russia amid the conflict in eastern Ukraine had brought negative economic consequences for a wider CIS region. Some of the countries closely connected to the Russian market show dramatic signs of recession by devaluating their national currencies and changing interest rates rapidly to be expected to continue in the future. The central bank says it expects the next two years to bring no growth. Inflation is on the rise. The rouble has lost 30% of its value since the start of the year, and with it the faith of the country's businessmen. Banks have been cut off from Western capital markets, money and investors are leaving the country. Given instabilities jeopardize the provision of an increasing array of higher risk loans to higher risk borrowers. These problems require an urgent need to focus on liquidity and estimate the FX and Interest Rate Risk. In order to improve both social outreach and financial sustainability in an increasingly constrained environment, developing powerful cash and liquidity management as well as FX and Interest Rate Risk tools in microfinance institutions become more crucial than ever.

Who should attend:

With a focus on practical issues and experience conference will provide an exclusive and strategic medium that is strictly limited to senior executives, thus making it a must attend event.

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Event info:
T: +420 775 494 010
F: +420 775 494 010