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Microfinance Forum 2018

Managing The Known, The Unknown and The Unknowable Risks

March 1 and 2, 2018 - Madrid, Spain

Key topics:

  • Learn how to implement the latest risk mitigation techniques
  • Debate the importance of optimizing your credit risk strategy to incorporate future markets
  • Evaluate how other risks impact upon credit risk
  • Analyze the real implications of the new regulations
  • Manage your counter-party risk with practical knowledge of the latest stress-testing methods
  • Look at various models of exchange rate/currency forecasting
  • Examine the importance of the HR, Management quality and stuffing
  • Exploit the best opportunities for mergers and consolidation
  • Learn how to integrate reputation and business risk
  • Discuss the importance of corporate governance on MFIs


While slowly recovering from the heavy impacts of one of the worst financial crises, the whole world fearfully anticipates its second wave in 2012, another tsunami of poisonous loans that could swamp microfinance sector as well as other conventional financial institutions. Further out, current high intensity of "unfair and fierce competition" from commercial banks armed with ample resources but lacking "market knowledge" is seen to be the fastest rising risk facing the industry, more urgent than credit risk. Therefore, like never before, MFIs need to look beyond the repayment problems and the concomitant growth of over-indebtedness that surfaced during the recent crisis and shift their focus on other critical vulnerabilities requiring the development and implementation of more proactive and multifaceted strategy to successfully deal with complex challenges in tougher market conditions.

In order to boost their preparedness and strengthen resilience to this forthcoming unprecedented economic downturn, the MFIs from all over the world felt an urgent need to meet up again in Prague for the 2nd annual microfinance forum and discuss about the aformentioned topics.

Who should attend:

This must attend event will bring together leading microfinance practitioners, policymakers, financiers, investors, academics and advocates from around the world to outline their visions and priorities, and explore new ideas, opportunities and partnerships.

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Event info:
T: +420 775 494 010
F: +420 775 494 010