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Global Microfinance Conference 2018

March 8 and 9 , 2018 - Istanbul, Turkey

Key topics:

  • Learn how to implement the latest risk mitigation techniques
  • Debate the importance of optimizing your credit risk strategy to incorporate future markets
  • Evaluate how other risks impact upon credit risk
  • Analyze the real implications of the new regulations
  • Manage your counter-party risk with practical knowledge of the latest stress-testing methods
  • Look at various models of exchange rate/currency forecasting
  • Examine the importance of the HR, Management quality and stuffing
  • Exploit the best opportunities for mergers and consolidation
  • Learn how to integrate reputation and business risk
  • Discuss the importance of corporate governance on MFIs


Microfinance industry is going through a period of significant transformation. Originally created to cover needs of poor by providing micro loans, today microfinance institutions are able to offer more than just a microcredit. Launch of micro savings schemes and insurance is a key to company's sustainability and customer protection. Outrunning growth of traditional financial institutions, microfinance sector reached, on average, a 20 percent growth in 2012.

Despite the high growth, the sector is still struggling to recover from the global financial crisis and attacks on its reputation as a service to the world's poor. Mission drift and other external risks, such as overindebtedness, lack of regulation in the industry in many countries, reputational risks stay within a scope of concerns of all parties involved into the sector. Moreover, internal risks such as a mismanagement, untransparent corporate governance, bad client and risk assessment procedures have deeper implications on company's activities and its sustainability. In order to overcome these difficulties, microfinance institutions, investors, development organizations and regulators should work out common principles for social business.

3rd Annual World Microfinance Finance Forum of Eurogm will create a platform for a broader discussion of these issues, bringing together microfinance institutions and regulators from MENA, South-Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus, as well as European investors supporting development of the sector.

Who should attend:

With a focus on practical issues and experience conference will provide an exclusive and strategic medium that is strictly limited to senior executives, thus making it a must attend event.

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Event info:
T: +420 775 494 010
F: +420 775 494 010