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About us

Euro Grand Management is one of the world's leading business intelligence and strategic information providers. We successfully cooperate with top financial and governmental institutions and non-for-profit organizations around the world. Our service is solely focused on meeting our clients' most critical requirements by giving them a unique opportunity to obtain cutting-edge information from practical case studies, develop new contacts, exchange novel ideas and gain a competitive advantage.

Our highly skilled industry experts and analysts make an in-depth market research; invite high profile speakers and design truly interactive conference formats, which help our most demanding audience to keep abreast of the latest industry, market and regulatory developments.

Euro Grand Management's diverse products and services portfolio spans five key areas:

Summits - Providing strategic business meetings with a unique opportunity of face-to-face networking and multi-million business deals between world's top executives and leading solution and service providers.

Conferences - Organizing numerous senior level meetings covering all major business sectors: Insurance, Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Transportation and Logistics and Military and Security Congresses.

Professional Trainings - Providing courses in professional development and management education. All courses facilitated by rigorously assessed and selected trainers to improve our client organizations immediate performance and long term results.

Market Research - Offering updated collection of in-depth and targeted research of a new or existing market in our clients' interest areas and providing the most comprehensive selection of research reports anywhere.

Military and Security Congresses - Organizing round table discussions with the participation of high profile policy-makers, influential figures and distinguished think-tanks with a particular emphasis on strategic defense and global security.